Vance has been working in the film and television industry since the mid-80's. During this time he has worked on over 80 feature films (The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Army of Darkness, Shutter Island), over 35 TV shows and tele-movies (The Adventures of Hercules, Xena: Warrior Princess, Grey's Anatomy), close to 200 commercials (Geico cavemen, Jack Link's Sasquatch, Halo live action) and 8 music videos (Daft Punk, Björk, MC Hammer) . His work on these jobs has covered everything from prosthetics to creature suits, special effects to puppets, props to performing (puppeteering and suit work).

Vance has worked at different shops in all aspects and departments (MBP, Alterian Inc, Weta Workshop, EES Ltd, Edge FX, Stan Winston Studio, Film Illusions, Quantum Creations, Optic Nerve, Legacy Effects). With over two decades of experience working on sets in the US and all over the world he has worked both as supervisor and a member of an fx team. Being an experienced traveler he easily adjusts to local ways of filming, cultures, foods and has the ability pick up languages quickly.

Whether you need someone to run a show for you or to be part of your effects crew, Vance will be an invaluable part of your project.

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